CDBG Programs

The following are some of the CDBG-grant funded projects Neighborhood Services has developed in the past six years: 

FY 2010 CDBG Funding
  • Springhill Park sign installed (part of Wayfinding Signage Plan)
  • Open air shelter installed at Springhill Park, with picnic tables, benches, trash receptacles
  • Curbs and sidewalks improved in Downtown Xenia as part of the Tier 2 projects downtown
FY 2011 CDBG Funding 
  • Bicycle Path Enhancement Project at Xenia Station with trees, benches, bike racks, etc., from 3rd Street to Xenia Station
  • Installation of park signs at 5 area parks, and street signs in east and northeast neighborhoods, 
  • continuation of city's Wayfinding Signage Implementation 
  • FY 2012 CDBG Funding
    • Rehabilitation of the facade of Xenia Station at 150 Miami Avenue
    • Installation of additional wayfinding signs in the east end, and 2 pedestrian kiosks
  • FY 2013 CDBG Funding - Allocation
    • Not applicable
  • PY 2014 CDBG Funding - Allocation Grant
    • New or repaired curbs along East Church Street
  • PY 2015 CDBG Funding - Allocation Grant
    • ADA Curb cuts along E. Church Street
    • Planning grant towards Xenia Carnegie Library Historic Structures Report (in progress)
    • New roof for Community Action Partnership at 496 Dayton Avenue (in progress) 
  • PY 2015 HUD HOPE VI-Main Street Grant
    • Xenia Shoe and Leather Housing (underway)