Carnegie Wish Campaign: I Wish This Was ________

Take part in the Carnegie Wish Campaign HERE    

Join your friends, neighbors, and other creative "re-imaginers" to provide input regarding the uses you would like to see at the Xenia Carnegie Library! On April 27th, a number of residents and champions of the Xenia Carnegie Library took part in a playful "I wish this WAS _____________" exercise. (See examples below.) They had so much fun, we are now inviting you to throw in your 2 cents! 

 The Friends of Carnegie will be accepting YOUR suggestions through July 30, 2017; after that, the top three usages will be selected based in part on your suggestions below. Who knows? Maybe YOUR suggestion will create a new future for this beautiful Xenia landmark!

Feel free to forward the survey on to friends, and feel free to answer it as many times as you have ideas for! 

 Learn more about the Public Planning Process and Special Events Here and on the Xenia Carnegie Facebook Page

Watch the video about the Xenia Carnegie Library
    Credits:  Production/filming  contributed by John Silfies of Toward Independence,Inc
    Voice-over by Lee Warren, PR Coordinator for the City of Xenia. 


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