Feel Passionate about the Xenia Carnegie Legacy?  Here are TOP 5 ways to Contribute: 


2.  FOLLOW THE TIMELINE and action for this Planning Effort here.   

3.  JOIN THE EMAIL LIST of Xenia Carnegie Friends and visit the following for more useful information at:
  • Xenia Carnegie Library Facebook Page (mailing list join ONLY on desktop version of Facebook) 
  City of Xenia Website  and search for “Carnegie Library” scroll to the blue “Carnegie Sign Up Now” button.

4.  GIVE OF YOUR FUNDS: Make a donation to the Xenia Carnegie Library Endowment of Greene Giving.
     • Online donations: go to Greene County Community Foundation and under "Enter a Specific Account Name" enter CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT then               follow online payment directions.  
      • Mail-in check: Write checks to Greene County Community Foundation with CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT in the memo line and mail checks to: Greene             County Community Foundation, 941 W. Second Street, Xenia, OH 45385.
      • Buy and wear a RETURN TO GREATNESS T-SHIRT.
           Order t-shirts online  -- $5.00 from each shirt goes to the Xenia Carnegie Library Endowment at Greene County Community Foundation.

5.  GIVE OF YOUR TIME: Contact Josephine Reno at (937) 361-2354 or Mary Crockett at (937) 376-7286 to discuss ways you can give. 
     Attend the Final Report out Meeting: DATE TIME AND PLACE TO BE DETERMINED FOR late-September/early October. 
     Watch and share this Carnegie video with your friends and groups!  Who do YOU know who might want such a structure, and be able to develop it?