Other Income Tax Related Forms / Information

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Tax Year 2020 Required Estimated Payments Calculator

Tax Year 2018 and beyond Estimated Payment Slips  (fill-in PDF)

Tax Year 2019 Required Estimated Payment Calculator

Authorization to allow a spouse to act as a tax agent (joint accounts only) (PDF)

Power of Attorney for City of Xenia Income Tax (PDF)

*Extension of Time to File Request (PDF) (fill-in PDF -- can be saved and attached to a Secure Email)

Refund Request Form (PDF) Completed form must be submitted with signed tax return

For tax years 2016 and beyond (replaces "Protest" form) Request for an Appealable Assessment (PDF)  fill-in PDF -- can be saved an attached to a Secure Email

Rules and Regulations (PDF) For tax years 2016 and beyond

Rules and Regulations (PDF) For tax years 2015 and prior only

Request for a Hardship Payment Plan (PDF) (fill-in PDF -- can be saved and attached to a Secure Email)

Request for a Hardship Payment Plan (PDF) (to print and complete)

Rental Roster (PDF) (fill-in PDF -- can be saved and attached to a Secure Email)

Collection Agency Notices or Phone Calls (PDF)

Information for Active Duty Military (PDF) 

Request for ACH Withdrawal of Quarterly Estimated Payments (PDF)

Authorization to Release Healthcare Information (PDF)

Hotel/Motel Monthly Filing Fill-in (PDF)

Hotel/Motel 30 Day Exemption Certificate 

Hotel/Motel Out of State Government Agency Exemption Certificate

*An extension to file is not an extension to pay. Estimated taxes due must be paid by the return due date to avoid or reduce non-payment penalties. For tax year 2016 and beyond, the non-payment penalty is a 1-time 15% penalty on any tax balance not paid by the return due date.