Dollars & Cents

Revenue vs. Expenses: Where the City's Revenue Comes From & How It Is Spent
Staff has created several pieces of information to help you understand the city's revenue vs. expenses. The following information will show you a "big picture" and then drill down the information piece by piece.The 1st slide shows where our revenue comes from.
The city's largest general operating and capital expense is public safety (72%). Please review the information below that describes the 2009 public safety revenues vs. expenses.
View information on the allocation of expenses for previous years including 1991 and 2009 (PDF). The percentage of expenses allocated toward public safety have been consistent throughout the years.

The next slide talks about the average cost to employ a City of Xenia firefighter, police officer, or dispatcher, which is the total amount of money spent on current wages including overtime costs and current benefits and then divided by the appropriate number of employees in each respective area. The bottom of the slide begins to define the remainder of our expenses.
The next slide shows the remainder of the City's expenses, which is Municipal Court.
Now that you have seen where the city's revenue comes from and how it is spent, below is some information on the deficit we are facing.
The above information clearly indicates the deficit we are facing and why the city is asking citizens for a 0.5% income tax increase. Please review the next 2 slides that show where your tax dollars will be spent if the levy is approved.
Learn more about the capital improvement issues (PDF) mentioned in the slide above (top left).

If you have any questions about the information presented here, please feel free to contact the Finance Director, Mark Bazelak, or his Assistant, Ryan Duke, at 937-376-7235 Thank you for your interest.