Board of Zoning Appeals


  • 7 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month
  • City Administration Building
    City Council Chambers
    Second Floor
    107 E. Main Street
    Xenia, OH 45385

Agendas & Minutes

For information on Board of Zoning Appeals agendas and meeting minutes, email the City Clerk or call 937-376-7235.


  • David Harrison
  • John Keller
  • Mary Haller

About the Board

The Board of Zoning Appeals is established by Xenia City Charter Article VIII, §8.01, and governed by Xenia Codified Ordinance Chapter 1244: Board of Zoning Appeals. The Board of Zoning Appeals is a quasi-judicial board that has complete authority in accordance with adopted ordinances and state law. Their decisions are final and can only be appealed in a court of law. The Board rules primarily on the following:
  • Conditional uses and variances to setback requirements, sign heights and dimensions, etc.
  • Requests for administrative review
  • Determinations of similar uses
  • Determinations of district boundary locations
The Board may or may not issue a ruling for each application on the day of the hearing if a case is tabled. The Board of Zoning Appeals consists of five volunteers who are residents of the City and are appointed by the City Council to staggered terms of four years each. One Council member serves as chair as appointed by the Council President at their second regular session in January of each year. The appointed Council member serves as chair for his/her entire term on Council. The staff representative is the City Planner or his designee.

Board of Zoning Appeals Application Process

The Planning and Zoning Department staff is available to assist applicants during every phase of the application process. Applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule a presubmittal meeting during which the applicant can learn about the Board and Commission process. A presubmittal meeting also affords the applicant and staff the opportunity to address any initial concerns with the application. For more information or to schedule a meeting, please email the Code Enforcement Officer or call 937-376-7277.

Notice of Public Hearing

A notice for a public hearing is a required notice to be sent by the City to property owners who are in the vicinity of a property where development of or changes are proposed. Typical public hearing notices advertise a request for a variance, conditional use, or appeal. Such notices invite the public to participate in the decision-making process. If you received a notice of public hearing in the mail and you have questions, please contact the staff member at the number listed at the bottom of the notice.