2013 Heritage Trees

A total of 12 trees were designated by City Council as Heritage Trees on March 28, 2013. View pictures of the 2013 Heritage Trees (PDF).

Common Name of Tree Tree Location Property Owner/ Nominator Genus/ Species Diameter & Height Approximate Age Historical Information
Ohio Buckeye 708 S Detroit Street David and Mary Ann Spahr (nominator) Aesculus glabra Hippocastanaceae DBH: 40 inches, Height: 65 feet 1953 - Became the State Tree of Ohio Between 120 to 140 years old An experienced tree trimmer told the owner this buckeye tree is the largest in Greene County, Ohio. The house was built in 1870 and is in the Bullskin Trace neighborhood.
Group of trees Sugar Maple 209 E 2nd Street Carol and Carl Atzbach (nominator) Acer saccharum Aceraceae DBH: 37 inches, Height: 90 feet DBH: 37
inches, Height: 90 feet DBH: 32 inches, Height: 75 feet
133 years old 133 years old Less than 133 years or stunted due to carriage traffic next to it. The trees were planted at the same time the house was built in 1881 by John Allen, a banker and Ohio legislative representative. The house is located in the East Second Historic District, which is on the National Registry of Historic Places.
Ginkgo 161 W Second Street Market St. Properties, LLC Ownership changed in January 2013; new owner is Ahmad Fawed Trustee; a letter was sent to new owner on 3-04-13. Nominated by Kim Hupman Ginkgo biloba Ginkgoaceae DBH: 36
inches, Height: 60 feet (topped)
Between 60 to 80 years old The tree survived major tornadoes and the construction of an adjacent high-rise building for senior housing. The tree must have been in existence at the time this structure was built in 1959. The property is located in the Waterstreet Historic District which is on the National Registry of Historic Places.
Tulip/Poplar Tree By 206 Corwin Avenue and rear of 68 E Church James and Gladys Bartlett and Christ Episcopal Church Nominated by Summer Watts , Sr.

Liriodendron tulipifera Magnoliaceae DBH: 36
inches, Height: 90 feet
Between 80 to 100 years old The tree survived major tornados and is located in one of the original residential plats in the central part of Xenia. It provides beautiful blooms in the spring.
Ginkgo By 1180 Wesley Avenue in the Campus Crusade For Christ Campus Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc. Nominated by Matt Garrett of Heart to Honduras Ginkgo biloba Ginkgoaceae DBH: 34
inches, Height: 68 feet (female)
Between 60 to 80 years old The tree was most likely planted by Hansford Jackson who worked as a horticultural supervisor at the OSSO from 1942-1968 according to his grand-daughter, Roberta Brown, who lives at Legacy Village.
Group of trees Shingle Oak, Pin Oak, and Sugar Maple 374 Omalee Drive Ernie and Omalee Agnor (nominator) Quercus imbricaria Fagaceae Quercus palustris Fagaceae Acer saccharum Aceraceae DBH: 33 inches, Height: 70 feet DBH: 26 inches, Height: 68 feet DBH: 24
inches, Height: 65 feet
Between 80 to 100 years old Between 60 to 70 years old Between 70 to 80 years old The sugar maple and shingle oak were on the site when the house was built in 1954 and were sizable trees at that time. Xenia businessman Cliff Olt dug up and transported the pin oak as a sapling from his native state of Indiana and gave it the Agnors who planted it in their yard.
White Ash Tree Franklin Park 594 Dayton Avenue City of Xenia 101 N. Detroit St. Nominated by BRACA Fraxinus americana Oleaceae DBH: 55 inches, Height: 75 feet
Between 140 to 160 years old The tree graces Franklin Park and is visible from Dayton Avenue. Franklin Park was carved out of the Layne Addition Subdivision and deeded to Xenia to be used as a park for that neighborhood. This is a beautiful ash tree that may be worth saving with proper treatment for Emerald Ash Borer.
Red/Slippery Elm Behind Nick's Restaurant at 1443 N Detroit Street; actually on the bike path right-of-way City of Xenia 101 N Detroit Street Nominated by Vicky Perkins Nick's Restaurant Ulmus rubra Ulmaceae DBH: 37 inches, Height: 50 feet This tree has codominant trunks and required the DBH to be measured below the fork. Between 60 to 80 years old This tree survived rail traffic (when the rail transportation was active in Xenia), major tornadoes, the construction of Nick's Restaurant and bikepath. It provides shade to the restaurant's outdoor patio.