Issue 20

UPDATE: Issue 20 was passed by voters on November 6, 2018. A total of 7,856 votes were cast with 4,412 voting in favor of the amendment and 3,444 voting against the amendment. The City is currently soliciting volunteers to serve on the Charter Review Commission. Please contact the City Clerk to learn more at or call (937) 376-7235.

City SealIssue 20 provides for the election on an adoption of Xenia City Charter Section 8.05 to create a Charter Review Commission.


The Charter of the City of Xenia was originally adopted by the electors at a special election held on August 30, 1917. The Charter was re-adopted in its entirety by the voters at a general election held on November 3, 1998. There has only been one addition to the City Charter since that time, which was to add Article XVI: Safety Services enacted on November 2, 2010.


The Xenia City Charter has not been reviewed in its entirety since 1998. The purpose of this amendment is to add a new section, 8.05, to create a Charter Review Commission. The Commission will consist of an odd number of members, from five (5) to eleven (11) members, to be appointed every five (5) years for the purpose of reviewing the Xenia City Charter. Establishment of this Commission, by Charter, will assure that the City's Charter is being reviewed in a timely manner and that any necessary changes are presented to voters of the City of Xenia after a thorough review.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Issue 20, please do not hesitate to contact the Xenia City Clerk at 376-7235 or via email.

On November 6, 2018, electors in the City of Xenia will be asked to vote on the following approved ballot language per the Greene County Board of Elections:





City of Xenia

A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.

Shall the proposed addition of Section 8.05 of the Charter of the City of Xenia be adopted:

Section 8.05.  Charter Review Commission.


A.   Creation.  In addition to those Boards and Commissions listed in Section 8.01, the Council shall appoint, at least every five (5) years, by an affirmative vote of at least four (4) Councilmembers, a Charter Review Commission.  Notwithstanding any other section of this Article VIII, the Charter Review Commission’s composition, powers, and duties shall be as set forth in this section.

B.   Membership; Term

(1)  The Commission shall consist of an odd number of members, from a minimum of five (5) members to a maximum of eleven (11) members, who shall be electors of the City at the time of their appointment and during their respective terms of office, and no more than two (2) of said members shall hold other elective office or employment with the City. The Law Director shall serve as legal counsel to the Commission, and the City Manager and the Finance Director, or their designees, may serve as advisors to the Commission.

(2)  In the event a member resigns or is unable to serve, the seat of that member shall be deemed vacant and City Council shall appoint a new member to fill the absent member’s term.

(3)  The terms of the members of the Charter Review Commission shall terminate at the time designated by City Council for the filing of the Commission’s report, with recommendations, to the Council, unless such time is extended by Council, by resolution.

C.   Meetings; Powers.

(1)  The Commission shall conduct its meetings in accordance with the Ohio Open Meeting Law, and the rules of order for the Commission shall be the same as the Rules of Council. 

(2)  The Commission shall elect its own Chair and Vice Chair, and the Chair shall establish the agenda for all meetings of the Commission. 

(3)  A majority vote of the Commission members present shall be required to approve or disapprove any motion before the Commission.


D.  Duties; Report to Council.  The Charter Review Commission shall review the City Charter and within the time designated by Council at the time the Commission members are appointed, and shall recommend to Council such amendments, additions, or revisions, if any, to this Charter that the Commission deems necessary or desirable.  After the consideration of the recommendations of the Commission, the City Council may submit all or any of such proposed amendments, additions, or revisions to this Charter to the electorate in the manner prescribed by the Constitution of the State of Ohio.