Council Standing Committees

On March 11, 2021, City Council adopted the Rules of Council, and Section 11 established the following five (5) Standing Committees:

  1. Finance & Budget
  2. Legislative Review & Government Affairs
  3. Property Management
  4. Public Safety
  5. Public Service & Utilities

At the second regular meeting in January each year, the Council President shall appoint three (3) members of Council to each of the above-mentioned Standing Committees. None of the Standing Committees have regular meeting schedules; therefore, per Section 11.03(B) of the Rules of Council, agendas for meetings will be published forty-eight (48) hours in advance. All Standing Committees are open to the public. Information on each Standing Committee is listed below. The Standing Committees will review policies, legislation, and other matters and will report its findings and submit recommendations to City Council for consideration.

FINANCE & BUDGET: This Committee will assume the duties of an existing Budget Review Ad-Hoc Committee and review City financial information and participate in yearly budget planning. Councilmembers assigned to this Committee include Council President Wesley Smith (Chair), Council Vice President Levi Dean, and Councilman Cody Brannum.

LEGISLATIVE REVIEW & GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS: This Committee will review proposed rewrites or additions to the City's Codified Ordinances and review State or County-level legislation that may affect the City. Councilmembers assigned to this Committee include Mayor Sarah Mays (Chair), Council President Wesley Smith, and Councilman Thomas Scrivens.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: This Committee will review matters regarding the management, acquisition, sale, or improvement of City properties. Councilmembers assigned to this Committee include Councilman Thomas Scrivens (Chair), Councilman William Urschel, and Council Vice President Levi Dean.

PUBLIC SAFETY: This Committee will review matters related to the Police Division, Communications (9-1-1), and Fire Division regarding emergency preparedness, apparatus, etc. Councilmembers assigned to this Committee include Councilman William Urschel (Chair), Councilman Thomas Scrivens, and Councilwoman Rebekah Dean.

PUBLIC SERVICE & UTILITIES: This Committee will assume the duties of the Traffic Commission, Wellhead Protection Committee, and Stormwater Advisory Committee and review matters involving streets; the City's water, sewer, and stormwater systems and utilities; and the City's closed landfill.  Councilmembers assigned to this Committee include Vice President Levi Dean (Chair), Councilman Thomas Scrivens, and Councilman Cody Brannum.